Continuing COVID Education for Nurses and Nurse Midwives

Commencing in March 0f 2020, AAN partnered with the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA), to produce a COVID syllabus of courses and up-to-date information for nurses and nurse-midwives free of charge, on the WCEA learning management system platform and app. The WCEA platform provides health care professionals in low and middle-income countries access to CPD resources from leading educators.

AAN also supports WCEA’s impactful Project 2020 – Year of the Nurse & Midwife, which provides a sustainable e-learning mobile platform to Ministries of Health, health professionals’ councils, and associations in the developing world, with the goal of building capacity in CPD & lifelong learning. Project 2020 has delivered 2.2 million courses taken by more than 300,000 nurses and midwives.