AAN Press Releases

The Reproductive Health Network Kenya Launches HPV Vaccine Campaign

16 January 2023, Nairobi, Kenya: AAN’s partner in Kenya, Reproductive Health Network Kenya (RHNK)*, has launched a targeted advocacy campaign for HPV vaccination in coordination with WHO’s Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. With AAN support, the RHNK campaign aims to sharply…

We Can End Cervical Cancer

Find out the facts about cervical cancer and the human papilliomavirus (HPV) that causes it. Help educate other women in your life too.

Continuing COVID Education for Nurses and Nurse Midwives

Commencing in March 0f 2020, AAN partnered with the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA), to produce a COVID syllabus of courses and up-to-date information for nurses and nurse-midwives free of charge, on the WCEA learning management system platform and app.…

Guidelines on the Use of Reusable Face Masks

Do you know how to safely use a reusable cloth face mask? Cleaning the mask before use Putting on the mask Removing the mask Washing the mask It is IMPORTANT to use the mask properly. Incorrect use can make it…

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