AAN Covid Q&A Sessions

China-Africa COVID Q&A Sessions: Unique Covid Intervention Springs from AAN Grass Root

Beginning in May 2020, Chief Nurse Cao Lan, Dr. Liu Zhiyong, and Dr. Shi Qindong from the Wuhan cohort met with nurses and doctors from 10 Eastern and Southern African countries on Sunday afternoons; everyone stealing time away from families, hospitals, or places of worship to share experience and best practices in the prevention and treatment of COVID. Nurses and physicians from the pandemic’s front lines joined the AAN conferences, from the quietest, best-connected spots in their homes or workplaces – closets, gardens, corridors – to meet with nurses and physicians who have joined the struggle against COVID in its earliest phases, along with volunteer translators, global healthcare experts and nurse leaders from around the world, to share concerns, precious knowledge and innovative strategies in the prevention and treatment of COVID. And every Sunday as the sessions wrapped up and all reluctantly said goodbye, there was a collective sigh of relief, a loosening of deeply felt tension, and simple gratitude, for this time of solidarity and shared humanity.

Eswatini-Africa COVID Q&A Sessions: Expanded Covid Intervention Springs from AAN Grass Roots

Starting in June 2020, Dr. George Rweyemera MD, responsible for the COVID ward at Raleigh Fitkins Memorial Hospital in Manzini, Eswatini, joined the AAN team and dozens of Nurses, Nurse-Midwives, and other healthcare professionals to talk about his work during the COVID pandemic and answer questions on the prevention and treatment of COVID. Dr. Rweyemera’s experience, insight, and charisma enlivened these sessions and put a serene, determined face on the invaluable work of front-line responders in Eswatini, Africa wide, and around the world.